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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 10, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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francisco's gearing up for a tough fit against a confident minnesota vikings team coming off its bgest win of the season. we have to earn everything that we know th going into this. >>we have colete team coverage as the road tohe super wl goes through the bay area is going to be one istruly happy at the end of this year we've gotten to a point that we're exced about the kron 00:04am morning news starts now. good morning, everybody thanks for joining us at 08:00am this spidey morning, i'm james fletcher and that will tread in that area fulsome. >>a lot of traffic come tomorrow, it's going to be stay away from the south if you're not going to the game it's going to be tough if you are mass transit is a wato go we'll talk about that a little later. >>ght now the bridges are are a little late heading to work this morning, they were sleeping and so i'll check and >>are in for treat for what it really nice day to maybe and getting outside when it is
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above >>or their boss is a li you're late. >>in which case they casay you know you enjoy that. yeah it is bridget out there maybe you are just taking it easyat home today, maybe that's why our bridges have been a little empty because we are lking at a cold start to this morning a felow clouds hanging out right along the coastline, most of these clouds are staying right above the day, so you can actually see the golden gate in the distance it shrouding the upper end of our hills though so if you travel through some hilly areas out the coast. that's where you're running into some of r fog what we are eing is the bret of the bay area though looking at plenty of sunshineoverhead right now just a lot of cold temperatures double in livermore right around freezing if not at freezing the oakland you seen temperatures rise over just of course the past few minutes you as well as hayward field the 39 degrees earlier now back at 40 degrees napa below
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freezing fairfield at freezing saa rosa just above freezing so thisrigid a lot colder than our mild morning yesterday so do bundle up this that icy blast as you ep or outside your front door temperatures into the aftnoon today will rise into the mid to upper 50's so yeah we're in for a nice afteron. i think some of you may just be waiting for those temperatures robin, all right, let's head over to the golden gate. we're checking the drive to san francisco ich is going to great by the way so if yore leavg the north bay. >>which is southbound on one francisco looks really good. we haven't had a big problems on the bridge or on city streets so a very quick 24 minute trip here the bay bridge. it's just stacking up ten on some of the ca lanes some of thecar pool lanes will get a little busy. but this is it yodon't really have to worry about a major delay coming in. it's a little sluggish from the 8.80 over crossing, but a quick trip at 10 minutes to make it to downtown san fransco james well. >>all right thank yo very much robin. so the anticipation building fore 49 playoff showdown against minnesota vikings is. throh
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the ceiling right now everybody is so high for stadium, 29 hours and 32 minutes from w not that i'm counting the excitement is brewing kron 4 sarah stinson live at levi stadm with with the niners are doing get ready for the games are. >>well i like that exact count down i needed that may think a lot of people needed it to going to be going to their fray just thinkinabout the niners 9 are getting is so strong and they're ready to ll up a levi's stadium. still it with joy fill with 4, 9 or faithful energy and players are looking forward to feeling that energy here levi's stadium they've had a bit of a eak it's been an intense season. nonstop full nail-biters a lot of tough calls out there. but in the end we have made it to the ayofs and we're playing. we're playing youe playing t team the vikings and it's
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going to be really really tough but let's talk about practice yesterday we're actually seeing some players have been missing fromthe niners dominant defense due to injuries some of them are expected to return we could even get our fab 4 back to you for return to practfor the first time since he re injed his hamstring on alexander's recovering from a to pectoral muscle and even time to rest up go over the playbook prepare for minnesota because the vikings. >>noeasy team to the vikings are 16, but they dot feel like st an ordina wild card team. their defense has been threat and that is gog to be e talk of this game if we get r our defensive players th have been gone for a little while back and get that fab 4 ck defense on both sides go into the talk of the game. >>coac and says one of the secrets of the viking succs is the ys that most of their core players have spent years in the systemand they know what ey're doing take a listen. any time you ha the scheme that ty have with the coaching staff and. >>you have the lent that
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they've gotten ver the years mainly through the draft. but th you keep those guys and have a good scheme and tell the guys who play together year after year. that's why i believe the toughest even we face this year. and that's why i think they're weather app on ery count of players up front honor him. >>everson griffen been a great as nfl f a long me. will present unique challges as far as cockles go. but yeah, all our cross-bder look at everybody there are various on defense and they play well together. >>and when you see 2 defenses up against each other it makes for an excing game and that's what this game is going to be it's going to be were all on the edge of our s seats and were excited to see i hope you know of course i hope we win i know it's going to be a fun game to watch because of how intense is going to be but ithe end hopefully we when we go on to
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the nfc championship. and if we do then we had to play again here at levi stadium against whoever that will be that's because we have home field advantage during the playoffs. hopefullwe can make it the super bowl say it with me let's go niners i will nd it back to guys in the studio hopefully keep this 49 or energy going the rest of the mornin >>let's go niners there you go. thank you very much security and the vice stay let's turnit over to kron four's chris it a chore to break us break it all down how people will be safe. christa man with all that excitement wants to make sure that t everyones safe. will be packing levi stadium tomorrow and of course santa clara police wi also be in full force. >>this is some video of police presence during per bow50. back at levi stadium in 2016. police say just like that time mobile patrols will keep tabs on people in t perimeter as well as the parking lot.
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canines will be deployed to sniff out thpotential for trouble. now there will also be undercover officers in the parking lot and then the sands. the goal is to keep everyone fe while enjoying e game. >>we would tell you to come early ifou can arrive early parking lots are going to be opened early 00:30am in the morning for you to get your tailgate activities going if you catake public transit opportunities there for you carpal if you can that always makes it for not only a great event, but it's also good for the e some of the things o from that the standpoint of a the game operations perspective. >>now here's some him for you're planning on goin to the game take a look at the screen. there's a very stct bag policy at levi stadium. the only thing the your lot bring as a fan is a clear bag or bapack. you can see what the stadium allows right here on the screen take anoth look a small clutch bag about the size of your hand is also allowed. it's also important to remind you that you nnot bring any alcoholic drinks into the stadi. no selfie 6
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and no sig nor banners or polls backto you ok so the scene was talking about what to once you're there t getting o the game that could bea little tricky. service to levi stadium tra tomorrow morning.there will be one additional soubound pre game express train from safrancisco to the mountain vstation and that rain leaves at 10 45 in the morning after the game caltrain will opate on special northbound train thatleaves them out a new station 75 minutes after the gameor when the train is false a public tranportation that seems to bthe emphasis in your report referenced i think go for you know it's trouble for you don't have to worry about the traffic the jam that's going to be on all the eeways in the surrounding area you can hop on mass transit you don't have to worry about parking but the stretch and i have highlighted here to 37 1 oh one in 8.80 it's going to be a mess will in all rections before and
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after the game so we're telling people avoided if you can especially if you're not going to the game and you have a great tip buy everything at once that's right rchase a round-trip tickets. so if you are heading to the game. >>you do a e-way ticket you have to stand inline behind thousands of people everybody's up the maine trying to get that ticket and then you miss your train train. we have all of these agencies providing the extra serces vta a strain caltrain all providing special game day service all get your a round-trip tiet expect major delays once again on to 37 1 oh one in 8.80 and also other stretches lawrence expressway great america and sent a mosque all expected to experience major delays with thousands of fans heading into d out of the area you've been warned by the queen of transportation by and public tranortation might be your best option is all right and will be tailgating ahead of at the game, the parkg lot at levi stadium will open at 9.30. tomorromorning, the gates themselves into the stadium will open up at 1130 which
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should give you plenty of time to find your seats in time for that one 35 kickoff and what should you wear well depends on what time you head out to head to the tadium right because earlier on may you need something to protect to protect ainst the rain to exactl so yeah if you're heading t for that tailgate a little bit earlier in the moing, it looks like showers would jt let the vicinity, but hey why not be preped, especially if you've got the 40 nine rain jacket is bringing with i got he 40 niners scarf and right to bring in uh tomorrow to we are looking at some clear skies out there towards game time so you may be shedding a layer to at times and you may be throwing it back on a time or 2 whenyou sit back down in the game gets a littlequiet will kick off timeis one 35 pm and by that time skies i'm really cleared out so this shower activity is moving through it actually capretty convenient ce. you will be seng it pushing through into late night hours toght early morning hours tomorrow enough to make the field wet the parking lot a little wet too and maybe your seats to but by 07:30am most of those showers
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of accident you do have a few clouds towards early morning taiating but by the time we make our way in the game you're good to go skies cleaing out and a really good game day forecast with those mid 50's though bring the extralayer with you use tha as an excuse to get all your 49 ers gear out and have some fun with that. >>back to you. john tickets to the game are the most expensive for thisyear's nfl ayoffs. so team officials say the game. >>alredy sold out fans can still findresale tickets online the cheapest cheapest that we've seen so far this morning about $200 with the prices for better seats into the thousands of dollars. those presexpected of course to go up the closer you officials are directing buyers to the official 40 niners ticketmter site online to be wary of the scammers and fake tickets, sometimes people we'll try to get those counterfeit tickets out there and when you do thayou don't ve any coverage. and don't forget by the way speaking of
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coverage we've got you covered between now and game day and throughout the entire postseason on air online through our digital kron on app we are your one-stop shop for all things 49 er news. >>tomorrow morning e're going to have a special episode of the red and gold zone, a playoff preview which will begin at 00:30am in the morning so check at out and then of course stick around becauseafter the game will recaphe highlights that will be saturday night at 9 o'clock. >>still ahead on the kron 00:04am h and grab burglary at a department store in palo alto details on what the thieves got ay with it. plus an aack outside thschool sends a bay area mother to the hospital or 2 days you can see right there what she says happened when she was trying to help her daughter. and after the break a community in oakland is calling on the city to keep them safefter a deadly theft ear from minutes fr now. t a few
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plumps and hydrates for your best skin at any age. >>one the dominant story lines of this games the overall lack of ayoff experience from this 49 ers roster we've been talng about it but there are a few vetera on the squad that know what it's like to thrive on this stage to one of them is number one wide receiver emmanuel sanders part of the reason why th49 ers trad for him back in october is specifically for his playoff history just a few seasons ago he helped lead the brons to world title in super bowl 50 which incidentally was one at le's the 10 year veteran
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has been crital it not only making big plays but working witthe 49 ers young receivers his biggest piece advice to not overthink the poseason. >>sometimes you try to the teens and needs be good news. i just kn this whatever it takes to trickle down effect that he had to the other ceivers another skill positions on offense. >>was huge and it doesn't always go as seen, but just a few dozen locker room and things like that and obviously as far as on the field goes speaks for itself, but in just little bit of everything don't rget we want to remind you we have for playoff coverage all week long on air online and thugh on on. >>the coverage kicks up a notch saturd morning witha red and old zone preview show at 9.30 and then after the game that a full recap saturday night at not. and thankfully, some good weather for the game to we're going to see some nice weathertoday as well few clouds out the coast
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as james pointed out to me just a second ago you can see those clouds movingoffshore ju very slowly. >>do expect some loclouds in our coastal areas making contact with the hills and us making for some w visibility really closely there there's the golden gate bridge has actually been pretty smooth sailing over the bridge. cloud cover sitting above the deck. you can stl skies, nice and clear for the vast majority of the bay area zooming out across the region. we've got some cold air to our north that's about to make an impact with us next week what we are seing is a cold front that's going to be pushing through in evening hours tonight really leaving behind a week chance of rainfall this energy not really packing a pun. so some light showers through your early morningours tomorrow, mostly after midnight toght is when you can expect these lighter showers snowfall up in the sierra it's going to be me cold snow too so expect some more that white fluffy stuff th stuff you need upthere as for 05:30am morrow morning, a few showe linger into really push out pretty early on by 09:00am some sunshine
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reappearing few clouds right around tailgate time and by the time kickoff happens in the rest of the me, you're good to go down in santa clara rest of the bay ea also looking solid for your saturday just around the corner as for temperatures toy, it's back to really familiar territory. mid to upper 50's yetagain this is where we should be this time average daytime highs across the bay and we're all experiencing them. redwood city woodside palo alto ch 58 back to the low60's r just 3 spots that's milpitas santclara and san jose bare hit that 60 degree mark east bay temperatures mid to upper 50's for you nortbay also looking at the similar temperatures making for a i'd say keep the sweater the jacketon hand and if you're staying out late tonight, making a rain jacket as conditns will prove to be a little bion the rainy side comthis evening into tomorrow skies. dries i ju put drove out free a sunday we e seeing drying conditions too. next week trending cooler ending cloudier and a bit
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rainy or 2 especially towards the tail end ofthe upcoming week robin wright off to the richmond center fell i think the commute is pretty much over here on west bound 5.80 we don't have any. >>major delays leading up to the toll plaza earlier this we are looking good. so the folks have made it to their final stination where the bulk the commuter still 7 minutes off to one on one we're checking the bay bridge traffic and it lks much better it never got too bad, it never backed up rough the maze we just have some off and on slowing in so of your cash lanes and carpool lanes but now los great so come on in 10 minutes or the drive to fremont street and remember for those of you traveling through the sth bay this weekend avoid the area around levi stadium if yo are not attending the game one on one to 37 the nimitz willall be packed are expecting major delays on all surrounding freewayswill change back to you. >>robin ithe east bay more than a week since a laptop theft ended with the death of a software engine community in oakland is calling on the
8:20 am
ity to help keep them safe. 34 year-old shores saying there's his picture right there he died on new year's eve after chasing thieves who stole his laptop while he was working on his laptop at starbucks and more arity was dragged by the getaway car nd t ground taketo the hospital but died at the hospital last night the montclair neighborhood concil hosted a safety form to discuss ways to prevent crimes the vlage believing there's been an uptick in crimes even before the tragedy. >>break which is a drag its every week i'll read it in next or a car break in our cars are stolen car burglars came and there's still the madison from rite there wasan incident at that's a lark is so there's definitely some something going on here, i would ke to see police walking the streets d month later >>oakland police arrested 2 the other man slaughter and there still searching for hat 3rd suspect west and the
8:21 am
east bayhere high school student was arrested for bringing a n to campus laslo most high school in walnut creek had to be placed on lockdown on wednesday morning. the school superintendent says they were notified by student that a student had a gun on campus and togeer with the lice department. they identified the student and took away the gun the student was taken off capus and will of course face disciplinary action. on the peninsula lo alto police arelooking for a group of thieves who swiped more than $80,000 worth jewelry d other merchandise from a high end store. >>we have surveillance video take a look is at a bloomingdale's on the el camino real and there you can see the thieves entering the store thursday. theybroke went right for the jewelry cases and ju smashed the tookless than a a couple me minutes. ey made off in a white bm3 seri police now investigating whether this burglary could be connecteto other burgries in surrounding cities. in the north bay. a woman now facing
8:22 am
charges after breaking into an ransacking an elementary school classroom. it happened wednesday morning at the venetianvalley k through 8 school insand fell one of the items taken. we're zioc bags filled with cash and coins fm students who had been collecting money for an upcoming activity. well polie say the burger tripped an alarm during the break in she tried to run off but didn't get away. so they have e in cusdy now she's been known to the sheriff's office for past crimes. >>obviously doesn't have the right head on their shoulders. hopefully they'll learn from that experience and be able to improve themselvesthat debt deputies right now are doing extra prol near the school because of the new campus constructi want to make sure nobody mes through these gas and gets on the campus. >>right after the commerci break, we'll tell you catalytic converters being stolen and what a car mechanic will take toreplace them. it also an east bay high school teacher is arrested for crimes against minors
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>>we're back a 25 and east bay teacher is charged wi crimes against children dating back more than 20 years. merran high school physical educion teacher kiley wood was arrested at her pleasant hill he on wednesday, charged with 2 countof molesting a female student when she wa teaching cullen his high school back in 98. the eriff's office says that actually 2 young girls were
8:26 am
victimized at the time one was 16 years old the other 17, however, the da's office is one of those women has since di. and it was thother woman who came forward. >>alian these types of cases they almost always occur in secret and a lot of our victims too wait a period of time before coming forward nd so many chdren don't immediately disclose what happened to them. so we have the me sorts issues that we might have with any other a this. al. a complaint like >>woods on administrative leave she was or was bailed out of jaibut she'll be back in court for her arraignment on january 16th, convicted, she's looking at up to 3 years in state prison. >>coming up next a car is stolen right out of a bay area home to see that thse right twll tl you w they even got into the garage in thfirst
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>>we're back at 8.30 we're looking at weather and traffic before we get back to those headlines see if anytng's a big out there that you need to be aware of what about the road. you know you don't have to stress ouabout any hot spots even the bridges are improving so it's looking good and looking good outside to know stress weather wise, that's abouthe only thing y worry about this morning. us fog is starting to push back out towards the pacific. so you're getting increasingly clear skies over timber on
8:30 am
really for the most part it's been some lowlying cloud cover that's been sitting above or coastal areas, but you are starting to ee those skies clearing out. now sunshine is going to prevail today and th's going help temperatures eventually to rise. we're still hanging out in the low 30'though for livermore and dublin right around freezing redwood city powell out so on up to concord and eventually the north bay also in the 30's. >>napa below freezing right now santa rosa just above it so it is frigid a lot cder than yesterday was. so don't be caught off guard if u stepped outside yesterday and thought this is nice and expected the same today. well it's definitely not the same so put that extra layer making our way into the afternoon, ls of sunshine to be expected temperatures will be similar to yesterday's by the aftnoon with mid to upper 50's robiall right, thank you john checking back in on what i want to cross the golden gate. >>if you're commuting between the north bay and san francisco you'll enjoy that right here nothi major going on a nice steady floof traffic so all is well on one oh one 23 minutes from nevada
8:31 am
to san francisco. here's the bay bridge and no not much of a backup rightearlier, a got a little heavyi don't think even lasted an hour to nice trip into san frcisco, 10 minutes after fremont street. a little pick a highway for as you leave pittsburgh heading toward bay point. there's a little bit of a owd going downhe hill so 18 minutes to concord and then if you're taking the east shore freeway, it's only sluggish mid to lower the shore so from right around richmond down to oakland 19 minutes total from crockett to the mates james well. >>thank you very much rob and happing now police are looking for 3 armed robbers in palo alto they dropdrugs from a safeway pharmacy earlier this morning. customers were inside the store at the time this was on middlefield road no one hurt so that's what we some good news right now police are going through surveillance video as the investigation develops. >>the big story this morning, a fight and the east bay high school campus and did with the student's moer in the hospital now the mothersays that she was attacked by a group of girls who were
8:32 am
bullying her daughtekron four's michelle kingston explains. >>the famy says the llying has been happening for about a year here at school and online and it sounds like she may have lost conscusness right now she's complaining e >>what we want to look at him and it is justgave birth to a baby girl for months ago and now she's vering after 2 nights in the hospitalfter she says 2 teenage girls beater upoutside james logan gh school in union ty earlier this week i've become my wife from the floor with the eyes late white. >>and she was beating will be he. she was calling these he was. >>for me was hired at a rojas is maria's husband their 16 year-old daughter goes to school atjames logan and told them on tuesy she was being bullied by group girls they drove their daughter to school and wanted to go inside to speak to the principal. but instead th y the girls met
8:33 am
them outside and began throwing puncs because they cover allowed, yeah they they didn't win theycouldn't get there. >>so they grabbed my wife, mariended up in e hospital for 2 days e has the bones broken. right here. so has the iso rate. i love bomb here union city police say they responded the scene and arrested one juvenile who was charged with ttery with serious bodily injury to school district says the fight involved to logan high school student says students family and someone not fr the school they say the incident is being investigated by administration. >>i feel really like angry sad at the same time the family says they're hiring a lawyer and they're moving their daughter to a newhigh school in union city michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>well new this morning police are looking for thieves who
8:34 am
stole a car from a home in benicia kronfour's chrystia teachejoins us now with video of the theft christina anwe have video of just that a surveillance camera actually on top of the home rerded the entire crime. it happened yesterday at about 2 40 the morning. f of elie court in benicianow the thies opened n unlocked car in the driveway and then used a rete control to open the garage door you can see right here thethieves then stole a white toyota rav 4. it was parked inside the license ate the car is see why 6, 8, 8, we put that up on the screen. again that is a white toyota rav 4 police want to remind everyonto always lock your vehicle doors to not leave any valules inside of your car's back to you. >>take a look at thispolic in hercules, th're looking for 2 people caught in this surveillance video clip is from a garage on south shelter bay in this was on christmas day the homeowner says the 2 people oke into her home and stole about $5,000 woh of
8:35 am
designer shoes. right from the garage. in the span surgeon catalytic converter thefts n el serino to have been 10th s st this pastonth. the chac with steve's auto prius they a the most ota popur target because it has 2 catalytic converters he ys one of his custers actually have in was hit 3 tis in the believes these are king the parts to sellthem at local scrap metal yards and possibly even sell them overseas. we're seeing aut every other day. having them tell it in a 3 or four-week this owner right here. >>and also this one right there. so as you can see compar to one of the te. will sever air right here. and th no ball tand taken away. >>repair costs can range anywhe between $1503,000 and even ifyou have the money get this the repairs could take
8:36 am
weeks. 2 months because there's a shortage of those parts. >>in alameda are becoming a growing problem in the police there ave put pictures like this up online toort of explain what they're dealing with everything from cars that have missing parts that are clearly disabled all the way to cars that have just cobwebs leaves debris buildup, the telltale signs that theye been tting there forfar too long. if they identify vehicle that is a band and they're going to nofy the owner ll get to courtesy notices before the vehicles ultimately towed unless of course it's leaking fuel or missing pas that make it operational in which case it ll get the boot. well the peninsula, a formr janitor for a long view elementary school has been sentenced for committing lewd acts with a minor joe corz all tomorrow was the subject of a nth's long investigation by the san mateo county sheriff's office. investigators believe the lewd actsoccurred during school hours andafter school. part of his sentencing. register as a offender pay
8:37 am
restitution and also makeo contact with victims going forward, he'll also be subject to more fines and genec marker testing. >>in the east bay this morning fremont police are still searching for 4 people responsible for home invasion robbery in the sun dale neighborhood. this comes just days after dozens cars were broken into and that very same location. the home invasion happened at a home along selkirk street wednesday night. police soon as police say an elderly couple th were inside at the time when 4 men burst in. they ransacked the home and took off with luables neighbors say this. it's quite rare for that neighborhood. >>the from ice to be a ry safe city and now that we're hearing about the best in on mission. that's definitely scary to have something in the neighbor likthat happen plugged certainly going to be moe vigilant abo. >>security making su that we've got things locked up. >>earlier th week thieves broke into nearly 30 cars in that same area.
8:38 am
>>and on the kron 4 morning ews, a 104 year-old retired us marine needs your help to complete a mission for valentine's day we'llhave his story coming up. plus thnew year mes a new state budget and governor newsom has a plan he says to lower prescription drug prices across the state will tell you more abou that and next bart riders will soon experience new changes at stations across the bay rea we'll explain in just a
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z3pgqz z1ncz
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y3pgqy y1ncy
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>>ead with plans to provide wi fi at all stations, the bod approd the prect but don't expect it to happen anytime soon because they sa could take at least 4 years to implement, bart will be instalng wi-fi and bluetooth across all bart platforms. you can expect to have less dropped calls yea, better internet connectioand improve app usage, especially underground often drops out especially at the embarcadero will also help riders navigate station better by helping them find things like exits d that alimportant bathroom. bart is also taking a step to try to increase safety on its ains. the pilot ambassador program will increase the presence of uniformed personnel system dethe ambassadors will be recruited fromthe bart police department from their service pool. they are non sworn officers who work who will work closely with police to provide additional sense of fety for the writers in the space of0's of ousands every day up on bart. the
8:42 am
ambassadors will walk the trains and teams every day starting on february 10th. as head to break, here's a live look outside at sfo. clear this morning we're not heing of any major delays is gointo be it clear morning andit's going to pick up and john says actually warm in the aftnoon. ♪ here in the club i can't even hear my own voic ♪ ♪ jack in the box would've been a better choice. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the ♪ here in the club i can't even hear my own voic ♪ joy of msing out with my $3 mini munchies. get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box!
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♪ should have gone to jack,ot a they've got it all. ♪ joy of missing out with myx $3 mini muhies.nce the get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box! >>a us marine who served in wod war 2 wants to add more
8:45 am
tohis collection of meries, 104 year-old major bill white peopleo send him cards for valentine's bridget for has the story. >>from all of them on who the shore of triple e. >>major bill might still wears thsame dres blues made in th 1950's when he proudly served in the united states marine corps. >>first shuttle flight 4 ght and free for 30 years active duty. and 54 we're tired, are proud to tie too long. the organizers say more aid. >>among his many medals is one he's most proud of the purple heart a badge ofonor for surviving the battle of the wood jima. in sure the courtroom with
8:46 am
flesh. >>on march 3rd 1945 major weight led s marines tore thfront lines under heavy fire from the japanese when i was warner's i didn't have any choice of the. >>anide pull up in about inches. >>from me his injuries may have tan him off the battlefield, but his ghting spirit carried on in life go on your show and fo candor plane at 100 and r the alifornia native spends his days dinig with his friends in stockton staying active and scrapbooking in what's become one of his favorite hobbies he keeps a life time full of memories careful preserved on these bookshelves in his room each organized by year. >>this cold be i'm just trying locate air to keep track of what happen to me
8:47 am
wherwhen this valentine's day major white is hoping to add to s collection with cards from people near and far >>they're saving his things . they're coming up right now. there will be a herschel part of my history. >>a life story that's still being rn the secret. >>christie breathing that i can't think of anything i can give you all ideas and suestions but if you should if you're out reaon they don't >>d keep turning the page to the next chapter tv. >>and we'rlook gone avenues, the straighshot are guarded by the united states should worry you should.
8:48 am
>>whaa story if you want to send a valentine's card. take a quicpicture of the information you see here on the screen wi also put it on our website as well, but you want to address it to operation valentine attention hold for major bill whe us marine corps retired, and there's the address there at the os at inglewood 6725 inglewood avenue stockt, california, 9, 5, 2, o 7 million we have that on ou web site in case you didn't get a chance to get it down or take a picture okay, you know i don't have a lo of initiative but i do now if i buy a car that all of us i have i promise major we will send one from all of us at sa car and bike i >>ok john let's alk about the weather for today as we head into the weekend. so we're looking good intthe weekend conditions going to beice and dry for. >>i would say. 90% of it. it's just tonight the is that window there that is getting us thrainfall. >>if you make it to 11 you might hear roach red knight knight time o'clock 7 8
8:49 am
against an oh it's tough i'm gettinout there this morning you do have clear skies fo most of the bay and even those clouds that you've seen at the coast have been pushing on clearing conditions above the golden gate golden gate itself hasn had problemsall day you've just seeing that cloud cover hanging out right above the brge deck there so skies, nice anclear today a wonderful dait going to be full of sunshine. good day to geoutside enjoy the start of the weekend. we've got some cooler air up to our north and a cold front going to be passing through into the evening tonight.this going to coming along with a few scattered showers now as i mentoned these are going to be pretty brief 02:45am right rainfall that will continue to starting to show signs 0am exiting the south bay and you've got gradually, clearing conditions, 09:30am to expect some cloud cover that will hang ut eur tailgating there santa clara for the 49 ers
8:50 am
game once we work our way towards the game itself ies are a bit going to grow more clear with partly to mosy sunny skies and just an enjoyable day to be stepping outside whether you're in santa clara or elsewhere across the bay tomorrow. so temperatures day, they'll in the mid to upper 50's is a 100% where we should seasonal averages are mid to upper 50's that's we're hanging out yet again foster city san clos redwood city woodside in palo alto 58 while low 60's for just a couple areas in the soh bay, including santa clara, san temperatures mid to upper 50's for you as well again these are seasonabletemperatures and will be greeted by plenty of sunshine. so to get out there it's a great start to the weeken hope you do enjoy the eather today. now tomorrow morning early early on for early risers you will be seei a few of those showers clearing very quickly though so sunshine for the vast majority of ur saturday. next week does look to be cooler weather and oudier than this week has been robin a great drive into
8:51 am
sa francisco traffic a standout early we never have too much. >>and one point we had a backup that skill to about west grand it didn't last over an hour and now it's just an easy trip ming in so 10 minutes for the drive to frmont street richmond sandra fell also checking in hot spot free a smooth transition here from the eastbay to the north bay so get on out there and use it while we're at 7 minutes of to highway one o on traffic tracker has some good numbers it does not include any major trouble spots are major slowdown. so we do have some crowding out there so if you're taking 5.80. it's a little sluggish and stretches but nly. >>26 mines to downtown oakland, roughly the sa if you're opting for the nimitz instead it's not going to be a problem to 80 some moderate crowding a 15 minut heading north san jose to cupertino james. thank you very muh rob and happening today. governor gavin wsome will be laying out what he thinkshould be the stats financial priories. one of them is to make californ. the first state to sellts own neric version of presiption drugs. >>the go of course is to lower drug pces. the
8:52 am
proposal comes after the governor previewed a billion dollar budget effort to try and tackle homeleness both plans would need legislative approval e governor's budget address is set for later this morning. coming up at 9 o'clock. the sierra a popular spot for people hitting th ski slopes this time of year we're going to tell you where you can enjoy snow. >>with your dog in
8:53 am
8:54 am
>>well if u're in the market for a new homer have just
8:55 am
e thing for rob we have just beenfor real stay one step just goes painted ladies actually was for sale the home street in the alamo square neighborhood, it's listed for just a measly james you have this in your pocket. >>2.7 $5 million, i'm sure that's just the jumping off point go higher than that the 3 bedroom 2 bath and a half bath home is about 202600 square feet and his 3 stories high world famous the victorian style homwas buil back in the 1900's. highs that you're stopped that musi sweet georgia brown can only meanone thing the harlem globetrotters they are in san out steph curry so hey want ng
8:56 am
staff to do that catwalk trick shop and you just saw star ze mcclurkin while he made a trick shot at the chase center. i'm sure they did maybe once or twice, but he got it, this is the fit one ever to be successful at the new arena the globetrotters will be makingtheir debut as the ase center tomorrow will also be in oakland and san jose later this nth, i've seen one of the show's it is must see it is just while the unr to entertain the out all right coming up in the next hour to kron 00:04am morning news. >>also wildly entertaining will the 49 ers game tomorrow and the hype. can't t any higher we've got the minnesota vikings coming to town with a live report plus a look at your game day forecast also this video to we had nd smash-and-grab caught camera will tell you how much the thies. >>madoff west plus a community ioakland calling the city to keep them safe after deadly separate to hear from some of the residents ming up in our next hour. here's a
8:57 am
quick live look outside as we go to san mateo bridge where trafc moving along herand 100 and are nice sunny skies at least here in a way there's some ouds over san francisco ways you can see here in this shot school gate bridge looked sharp. we'll be right back. this is the denny's super am. two con, two sauge, two eggs hash browns d pancakes and now make tho pancakes all you can t for a buck. that's where the duper cos in. the all nesuper dur slam just seven ninety nine. see you at dny's.
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